TLM Reconciliations-Premium

TLM Reconciliations-Premium is a single reconciliations solution providing enterprise wide, transaction lifecycle management. Its pre-configured approach to delivering best practice reconciliations ensures costs are reduced as firms gain more efficient, cost-effective transaction managementprocesses in a timelier manner.

A powerful matching engine delivers industry-leading match rates, substantially reduces operational costs by automating processes and ensures staff can concentrate on more value-added tasks. Operational risk is also reduced with the removal of inter-dependent systems with a single, scalable reconciliations platform.

TLM Reconciliations-Premium offers:

  • A highly scalable transaction processing solution that can evolve to meet institutions ever-changing reconciliation needs.
  • A pre-configured rules-based matching engine that maximises automated match rates.
  • Transaction lifecycle matching combining different transaction types and number of items at multiple levels.
  • Pre-packaged reconciliations based on industry best practice to ensure a faster implementation.
  • The ability to reconcile any data type against any other.
  • Integrated, pre-configured and comprehensive exception management for efficient transaction break resolution.
  • A workflow engine to enable enterprise wide integrated transaction lifecycle management and risk control.
  • A pre-configured and flexible thin client User Interface that supports both users who require granular level
  • transaction detail and managers who demand a consolidated operational view.

Confirmations Management

As FX, MM and derivative volumes continue to rise, automated confirmations matching is a critical step in the fast and efficient execution of deal settlement. Furthermore, with margins under pressure firms require an intelligent, enterprise-wide solution that can automatically match as many transactions as possible.

TLM Confirmations Management software solution addresses the post-trade confirmation needs of participants in the global securities markets. It delivers:

  • Increased operational efficiency through industry-leading automatch rates, enabling a focus on true exceptions and more value added work
  • Enhanced risk management by replacing multiple legacy systems with proactive, exception-based processes to accurately manage pre-settlement exposures in real-time
  • Improved visibility into confirmations for FX, MM and derivatives through a single, enterprise-wide solution
  • Increased operational control through rich dashboards, providing both end-to-end process monitoring and drill down capability to the source of late confirmations
  • Lower operational costs by removing duplication of effort across previously siloed back office infrastructures, drastically reducing the need for manual intervention
  • More cost-effective and streamlined operations with the ability to manage higher transaction volumes with a lower headcount
  • Continual process improvement through in-depth statistical analysis of speed, frequency and quality of data received from third parties to further boost matching rates

SWIFT Accord Retirement - TLM Confirmations Management has been selected as one of the preferred solutions to replace SWIFT Accord which is being retired in 2017. SmartStream is working closely with SWIFT to agree migration of all matching rules and ensure that transitions are as seamless as possible for all users.

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01 June, 2017

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