About Us

The company specializes in business-to-business payments, back-office automation and other STP-based applications and middleware. Another area of Alliance Factors competence is creation of corporate data centres, implementation and maintenance of high-performance business critical IT infrastructure.

Alliance Factors has longstanding reltions with market leaders like SWIFT, SmartStream Technologies, INTIX, Eastnets, IBM and Syracom.

We provide technical and sales assistance, implementation services, business consulting, maintenance, support and other professional services related to partners` portfolio products. The company specialists are certified for sales, onboarding, training, installation and maintenance of a wide range of products and services.

Our scope of services:

  • design, implementation, analysis and support of fault tolerance infrastructures;
  • SWIFT-authorized business and technical training;
  • message standards consulting: mapping, transformation, SWIFT and proprietary standards; 
  • implementation and support of AML filtering solutions (in partnership with vendors); 
  • implementation and support of reconciliation service (in partnership with vendors); 
  • design and implementation of extended monitoring, archive and report solutions (in partnership with vendors); 
  • design, implementation and support STP-based solutions; 
  • design and implementation of disaster site;
  • SWIFT-certified Service Bureau;
  • message flow process analysis and optimization;
  • joining SWIFT project;
  • commercial assistance.

We are enthusiastic to help you to optimize your work, to increase your operational performance, to correspond with global compliance regulations, to drive your costs down by introducing and implementing world known products and services and assist accurately and effectively in all related matters. 

We hope that our deep knowledge of the market and best practices combined with partners’ industry-leading solutions provides best fit with your goals and business process.


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